My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Summer house (Friday fictioneers)

“Jess, what happened in there?”
“I was thinking…of my real Parents”
“You never knew them, come back to the house-
this is a summer house: you’ll freeze here.”
Jessica looked down at her party dress and shoes.
“I see them, I get so angry”
“You know we love you Jess, we’re your Parents now”
“They won’t let me go, I can’t be yours all the time they’re
in my head… And I do want to be yours, truly.”
” Don’t forget them, they made you: but we love you Jess “
Jessica took her hand.

And then the tears …

Who is ZOG

A character with no form, no gender, no past or future and no Name. Very much in the present and very much developing in mind. Zog is every representation of ‘being’ that’s needed to construct a story and whom is always important enough to have his own story.

Welcome to my Blog. I am just an amateur creative writer. Other than school I’ve never trained and lets face it most of the time my spelling is dreadful. I’m doing this Blog for myself more than anything, truth to tell I write for myself too. I consider writing as an outlet or escape from the world and all its entrapments ‘My therapy’. Taking these amazing thoughts running through my mind and putting them onto paper or screen is a mental release. When I write I try to start with an idea, usually inspired by something I’ve seen that day which I consider worthy. Out of context events I find particularly inspiring,;the shocking and the weird in life, the “you couldn’t write this” moments. Something as simple as a person obviously feeling over dressed for their surroundings. To something as shocking as violence on a sleepy high street. The world has a lot to offer and living in a vibrant city brings many advantages.

This is just an experiment and if you’re reading this you’re a study member.

So don’t just read it, get involved, criticize and analyse. I love comments especially if they’re positive. Negatives are welcome too if they’re wise and interesting, just remember I can reply and/or give them the chop if necessary:)

About my BLOG

  • I did say it before but I do this for me; if you like it then Maybe I do it for you too.
  • I write about life, characters, events, love, conflicts, success and failure but everything with a touch of abnormal.
  • If you have ideas i’d love to hear them, a touch of inspiration is a great driving force.
  • If I get followers and valuable feedback then maybe, Just Maybe i’ll take this to the next level and go for publishing. Anytime in the next 10 or twenty years …

In the future this Blog might not look anything like this, I might evolve into an introspective sub-human and disappear up my own ego. So if you’re expecting artisan creativity and developing thought to the point of metaphysical existential truth. ‘Maybe’ (it’s that word again) you’re in the wrong place. God I love words. yes’ but who’s God. 😮

Me 😉 I’m old, well sometimes I feel it. I was born in the sixties and lived through the Seventies, came alive in the Eighties, found love in the Nineties, settled down a bit in the Noughties. Subsequently I endured the Tennies/teenies and despairingly I’ve managed to reach the New Twenties. So I guess i’ll go out and get myself a wide lapel pinstripe suit and a long Mackintosh along with a Trilby. If you don’t know what they are ask your Grandad. I probably haven’t told you much so lets keep it that way.

My promise to myself is to try and post at least one creative post every week.

BTW, I have no idea what I’m doing. If this blog looks stupid please tell me as I’m slightly confuzzled by the jargon and fiddle-faddle.

OK, now the guide written text is telling me to add five tags and include ZERTOHERO so I can be found as a new blog thingy. Hmmmmmmmmmm. ‘No bl**dy idea’. I haven’t seen anywhere where it says add tags. This is the whole reason I don’t do ‘twitterings’. Too much Hashes and stuff. So if by any strange chance you are reading this ‘and ‘ have got this far, pleeeeeeeeease give me a pointer in the write direction. In plain speaking thank you.

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